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At Bloxva Resource, We deliver Properly Crafted, Compelling, Intuitive And Mobile-Responsive Websites That Can Compete Favorably With The Very Best you Can Ever Imagine, While Providing Real, Quantifiable And Also Positive Feedbacks.

The truth is, the medieval days of average site layouts are long gone. As a matter of fact, internet customers are catching on at a very fast rate.

Online search engines like Google and Bing have additionally ended up being notoriously unrelenting to shabbily developed amateur websites.

If you want a website that is irresistible to your prospects, then you have to build a mobile-friendly website.

If you need a completely new website from scratch, we’re here to offer you the best kind of it.

If you're thinking of a redesign, we are here to to get it right this time.

Our Website Development Experts Are Available To Remedy Many Website Performance Problems & Guarantee Your Satisfaction.

Here's how our website development process goes.

  • 1

    Concept Development

    We capture the details about your project, brainstorm on it and produce a flow of the system on paper. Once this is confirmed, we take your project to the next stage.

  • 2


    We will submit a proposal based on the project requirement. Once you accept the proposal terms, we'll assign a dedicated developer to your project and give you access to follow along in the project development through our project management dashboard.

  • 3


    You will receive an invoice depending on the payment terms stated on the proposal. Once you pay the invoice, the developer assigned to you will get to work and you will be able to track the update as the project goes on.

  • 4

    Testing & Maintenance

    At this stage, you are to test your website for functionlity and performance. We will make screen recording to explain any feature you do not underst and fix any ommissions found.

Support Service

The regular support service starts immediately the project is marked completed, and depending on the terms on the proposal, our support service is only for the web application we develop. This means that we will not do any server related maintenance if the web application is not hosted on our server.

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